Living life…as Spartans

This past weekend AJ, Maggie and I went to Temecula, CA for the Annual 10K Spartan Mud Run.  AJ’s friend Dan talked him into doing the 5K Spartan Mud Run in November with their friends Joey and Kevin, so when the 10K run was brought up, they all jumped at the chance.  Actually, they all wavered for several weeks about doing it, then I told AJ he should do it, he told Dan and the rest is history.  I guess I’m partly to blame for the agony and soreness, but at the same time they can blame me for making them have an awesome adventure.

From the moment we drove into the parking lot, the craziness began.  There were tumbleweeds the size of small cars flying past us.  At first, we were thinking that I would just go to the hotel with Maggie, but life goes on and I wanted to see this race.  We protected Maggie in her Bob stroller and walked a mile to the lake to find the race.

Of course on our walk to the race, one of our friends, couldn’t stop asking people that had already run the race, if it was hard.  This was probably the funniest part of the day, because he kept asking military guys(not realizing they were in the military) and their response was…”Not at all”.  Which made him feel good, but then he asked a normal guy and his response was…”Hardest thing I’ve ever (curse word) done.  This is when I almost pee’d myself laughing.  A good motto to live by before you are about to race…If you don’t want to know, don’t ask.   As the guys waited in anticipation for their race heat to begin, Maggie and I danced and ate snacks in the festival area.  She really can’t resist dancing to Bob Marley.

In the end, all of the guys finished without getting injured (badly) and there is a possibility they had a good time.  Even if they don’t admit it (you know who you are), I know they are happy they did it.  I mean, not everybody can say they are a Spartan.













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