Pre Decisions on Pre K

AJ went with me for the first time today to tour a Pre-School/Nursery School.  In California, apparently you have to go on tours of nursery schools in order to ingratiate yourself enough to the nursery school for them to accept your baby into their school.  Yep.  In nursery school.  And you have to get into the right nursery school or else your baby doesn’t get into the right elementary school.  And if they don’t get into the right elementary school, well, it’s probably a lifetime of serving at Pizza Hut/Taco Bell combination restaurants for her.

It’s a big decision which is why it really does help to have your significant other with you, when making these types of potentially life altering choices. Especially if your significant other only wants your child to go to Ivy League Universities. That’s right, we are paving the path for Maggie to go to college and she is only 15 months old.  Personally, I’ll be excited if she chooses UCLA, or USC because they’re close to me.  Or NYU or maybe even UT because I’d be happy to move to either of those places.  Alas, we don’t have to worry about those decisions yet, do we? Apparently, we do.

This is why I’m getting nervous about choosing the right school.  What if we chose the wrong Pre-School and we end up setting her up for failure?  So in all honesty, what do you look for in a Pre-School? Brand new playground?  A learning garden?  I learned today, all AJ looks for is pet chickens.  After touring several schools, I think I’m beginning to form an opinion on what makes a great Pre-School.

First, I really love a secure building and campus. If my 3 year old is going to be without me, then I need to have peace of mind that the security is better than at the Whitehouse.

Secondly, I want to see a fun and friendly atmosphere. I don’t want to see an old broken book shelf sitting off to the side of the playground. Get rid of it.  Safety hazard!

Thirdly, I would like someone to talk with me about their program. Why? Well, it’s been a long time since I was there and I need to understand that my child will be learning at some point.

Lastly, if I’m touring your campus and the kids look bored and unhappy, I’m sure they are.  If the teachers look mean, I’m positive they are. I remember hating my PreSchool teacher.  She was horribly mean . Seriously, like Catholic school nun meets Hitler mean.  Still to this day I don’t understand how someone teaching 3 year olds could be that miserable, especially considering how adorable I was.  Not kidding, I was cast as Mary in the Christmas pageant twice and as an angel several times. My sister was never cast.  Clearly I was the angelic one.

What would you look for in a Pre-School?  If you live in LA…which schools do you like?  Also, if anyone in my family decides they want to say my sister was more angelic than I.  Please ignore them, they don’t know what they are talking about.  It is all lies.  My sister was mean, actually I think they wrote that movie Mean Girls about her.  :) Yes, that is my tortuously mean sister smiling at the camera.

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