Beyonce’s Baby Weight Loss…Is it Our Culture that is Obsessed or the Media?

Like any other normal mom, I’ve opted to sit on the couch and watch the news while my child is sleeping.  Fine, today I watched Access Hollywood live and gasped when they had a promo for the Beyonce’s baby weight loss story.  This is too much!
It took me a year to lose the baby weight. A year without a personal chef, personal trainer or anything else. It was a year of working out harder than I ever have, dieting (counting calories, nothing crazy) and crying (lots of crying). I’m still ten pounds heavier than I was, but I’m proud of those forty pounds that I have lost and I didn’t have tabloids breathing down my neck to lose the weight.
Beyonce, apparently, doesn’t have that luxury. Today I saw a TV Promo for Beyonce’s baby weight loss. Seriously? She gave birth less than a week ago and we are already looking to find out how she has lost the weight. I have several problems with this story.

First of all, I feel sorry for Beyonce because if she doesn’t lose the weight within six weeks, the media is going to tear her apart. They will tag her the poster child for the overweight moms of America. Actually, I feel sorry for all of the girls that idolize Beyonce and have to listen about her weight.


Secondly, this is another reason why it is ridiculous that they are covering this story. Beyonce can afford to have a day time nanny, night time nanny, back up nannies, a dietician, a personal weight loss chef, a live in trainer and a masseuse. In a way, if she doesn’t lose the weight within six weeks, I’d be shocked. After she loses the weight, they are going to cover how quickly she lost the weight. It is an endless cycle that makes normal woman feel sorry for themselves.


Lastly, why is the media or faux media already running the story? I promise, I wasn’t concerned with Beyonce’s weight loss until I was being told I should be concerned. I prefer my news stories to have already happened and I’m being informed. I’d rather not spend an hour watching a show playing the guessing game of what is going to happen. That isn’t news.

Maybe Beyonce won’t cave to the media’s pressure and won’t lose the weight in 6 weeks and it will take 6 months. This would be awesome. She deserves the time. Of course, if she does lose the weight quickly, I understand. It is her job to look good and most women only get three months of maternity leave. Why should she be any different?
At the same time, I don’t want to influence my daughter the same way the media has influenced me, so I’ve replaced the words “losing weight” with “eating healthy” when I talk about myself. I’ve also changed the word “Wine” to “Mommy’s water”. You have to protect your children any way you can.

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