I’m fresh and beautiful…right?

Most days I leave the house looking fresh and beautiful, or at least I think I do.  This past week, I have noticed this may not be true.  Somehow either my make up isn’t fully done, my hair is a little bit frizzy and my shoes have holes in them.  These are all small things that maybe no one would notice,  but I definitely do.

I’ve decided to try and figure out how to look naturally and beautifully put together.  You know, I want to look like a model carrying her baby.  Is this possible for the average mom?  I’ve realized I need to purge, no I’m not bulimic.  I’m purging my life of clutter.

First thing I did was clean out my closet.  Clutter purge!  I was able to fill four boxes with clothes and one box of shoes and bags.  I can’t believe my closet is still packed, but at least it is organized.  It feels so good!  I’m donating most everything to a Veteran’s Charity.  I’m sure there is a soldier that really wants my skinny jeans that I’ll never fit intp again.

Secondly, I made an appointment to get my hair done.  Purging my split ends!  Arch (my hair stylist of 14 years)  cut three inches of frizzy ends off my hair and styled my hair into a “Mod mom” look.  Easy and fun.  Okay, its a bob with bangs but I love rocking the mod bangs.  Its my thing.

Lastly, I’m purging myself of time!  I’m going to Sephora today to buy an Illuminizer, for those days that I just don’t have time to really do my make up, which is everyday.  You would think waking up at 6 AM and not leaving the house until 9 AM, I’d be perfect.  Not true.  In all honesty, most days my toddler wears cuter outfits than I do.  To be fair, she does look cute in anything and doesn’t have to worry about her hips looking too big, yet.



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