Who wasn’t fun and crazy in their 20s?

Do you ever wake up in the morning, look at your face and think WHAT IS HAPPENING!?  When did I get so old?  It feels like yesterday I was wearing a tutu with tights and a tank top to The Gig in Hollywood, while my uptight friend laughed at my eclectic ensemble.  I fondly remember wearing, red, pink and green wigs daily, just because I felt like it and getting kudos on my style from my kooky friend as we drank Guinness at Dublins.  Seriously, wasn’t I just wearing glitter on my face while dancing with crazy friends at the Viper Room, then to an after hours hula party?  My husband refers to my 20s as my fun years.  Mainly because I constantly tell him how fun I used to be.  He usually laughs and comments that he can’t believe he fell in love with the boring version of me.  I agree, I was really fun in my 20s.

Of course I’m not saying I’m boring in my 30s, I’m just a little more reserved.  I prefer to go for a Santa Barbara Winery weekend or a Palm Springs Spa stay with the girls for the weekend.  Some say having a kid does change your life, but age has changed me more.  I’m pretty positive I can’t pull off wearing glitter and tutus anymore and I definitely can’t stay out all night drinking.   Sadly, I actually just gave away my last two tutus at a clothing swap last year.  I was really conflicted about it, but I think there should be only one person per household wearing tutus and Maggie looks much cuter in one than I.  The same goes with glitter.  I’ll let Maggie wear glitter as much as she wants, but I’m going to refrain from wearing it myself.  Honestly, I’ll just look like a sad, aging stripper and that isn’t the look I’m going for.  I’m definitely rocking the soccer mom vibe.

In actuality, I’d like to marry my youthful and fun 20s with my more conservative 30s.  I want AJ and Maggie to think I’m the most fun mom around.  I want to have family adventures every month, I want camping and skiing to be yearly traditions, and I want to have a girl’s weekend at least twice a year.  OMG, I am old.  I wonder if I can still pull off skiing in a bikini.  Hmm…even if I could, I probably shouldn’t.  I’d like Maggie to have fun in her 20s dancing with friends and not spending it in therapy.



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