Back in the working world…kinda

This past weekend I ventured out of my mom bubble and went back to work.  Well, kinda back to work.  I went to the Blog World Expo in downtown LA.  I needed to get out of my stay at home world where I blog about taking care of my baby and talk to other bloggers who do literally the exact same thing.

There were so many panels that I wanted to see, but I decided to target my attention towards parent blogging.  On Friday I saw three panels, How to Monetize your blog with four established bloggers Adam Keats @akeats, Chris Baccus @cbaccus, Sarah Pinnix @reallifesarah, and Stefania Pomponi Butler @citymama.  This panel was very informative, one of the first things said was “If a brand reaches out to you, then you are ready to be monetized.”   I’m totally on board with brands and monetizing.  (See ads to your right and banner space above…hint, hint.)  But, I do think people are weird about getting brands and then feeling like they have to change their creative voice.    I don’t think that’s true which is why I plan on starting a line of reviews of all the products I didn’t like using or I found useless.   Or better, I’ll just put all of the crap in one big pile and take a picture.  No words need to be said, unless you ask me, then I’ll tell you why.  I like this idea.

The next panel I went to was Breaking into Parent Vlogging with Clay Nichols @daddyclay  and Jenny Ingram @jennyonthespot ..  This was extremely informative.  I’ve been thinking about starting a vlog within my blog for awhile, but have been procrastinating mainly because of time.  These two vloggers gave me the confidence that I need to just figure out my strategy and then go out and do it.  It also helped that they were both funny and entertaining.

The last panel was Podcasting for Parent bloggers.  Tamara Walker @momRN hosted this panel.  She has been podcasting for a long time and had a ton of great information.  The one thing I learned is, podcasting is not for me.  I had been thinking about starting a podcast for several years, and now I’m glad that I procrastinated.  I’ll leave this up to someone else that is passionate about a call in show.  I really don’t want to deal with people yelling at me, I’d rather get a nasty comment on my blog that I can delete.

On Saturday I went to one panel, Reaching the Digital Family…Marketing Strategies with Mom and Dad influencers.  The panelists included Amy Lupold Blair @resourcefulmom, Adam Cohen @dadarocks, Janice Croze @5minutesformom and Josh Becker @dadstreet.  I walked away with some great information, not only marketing strategies, but also some good parenting advice.  Yes, I was already on the “no TV until you’re 5″ track for Maggie (probably not possible), but what I didn’t realize is parents of older children aren’t really allowing them to watch commercials either.  It really got me thinking, companies will need to change their marketing strategies if parents are cracking down on commercials.   Does this mean I should just cancel my cable and watch internet television.  Looks like AJ and I are going to have “the talk”, again.   I’m exhausted already, just thinking about it.

All in all, the Blog World Expo was good for me.  I was able to meet some great parent bloggers and I met some companies that I may work with in the future.  I had the opportunity to take part in this great event thanks to Kevin Winston from Digital LA.  He runs some great events around the country and if you work in the digital world is definitely someone you should know.

Now I have to rush back to my mommy bubble.  I’m afraid of all the irreparable damage two days alone with daddy may have caused.

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