Making baby proofing fun

Baby proofing makes parents cringe and those without kids disgusted.  The problem is, it has to be done.  AJ and I had in our minds that we would only baby proof what was absolutely necessary.  Of course we had plenty of questions….What do we baby proof?  Why is everything so ugly?  Can we just teach our daughter to not touch anything?

Well turns out, you can’t rely on your baby to not touch anything.  Babies are curious and we realized pretty quickly we had to baby proof our stair way.  We have these awesome metal railings, great to look at, bad for babies crawling through.  After looking at all our options.  AJ came up with a safe and fun way to keep Maggie from crawling through the bars and seriously injuring herself.  With his new found daddy protective sensibility, AJ built chalkboards to cover the railings.  I think they are great.  We have used them to write up the weekly menus, fun daily activities and fun messages to Maggie.  I’m sure she will love drawing on them too, but for now I’m having a great time.

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