Baby mug shot

I think there are three photo identifications that never go well.  The dreaded Driver’s License picture, the even worse Passport picture and of course the mug shot.  I personally have never taken a mug shot picture, but I have never seen a good celebrity mug shot, so I’m pretty sure mine wouldn’t look that great either.

Maggie and I went to Kinko’s yesterday to get her picture taken for her first passport.  Yep, Maggie is getting a passport before she is even potty trained.  I didn’t get a passport until I met my husband AJ (at 28 years old), so I guess she lucked out by being his child.

I really planned on getting a great picture for her.  I did everything right.  We went right after she napped and had lunch, so she was happy.  She wore green, which is a great color for her skin tone and she wore a bow in her hair.  We went to Kinko’s at 3pm, which isn’t a busy time, in order to have the speediest experience possible.  So at the very least, we were ready.  Apparently, none of that mattered.  The first employee I see is  nicely helping another customer and then turns to me.

Kinko’s employee:  “Can I help you?”

Me:  Yes, we need to take a passport photo.

Kinko’s employee:  You or her.

Me:  She does.

Kinko’s employee:  WHAT?  She’s a baby.  You are taking a baby out of the country.

Me:  Sure. She’s mine, so I figure its not a problem.  That’s why we need a passport for her.

Kinko’s employee:  She is a baby.

Me:  Yep….So you can’t take her picture?

Kinko’s employee:  I just don’t know.  She has to..Oh my god, what do I do?

Me:  I’m going to be here, I’m not leaving her with you.

Kinko’s employee:  Well, I guess we’ll try it.


You get the picture.  For the next 15 minutes the little old lady employee who at first seemed sweet and helpful, has now become irrational, confused and incompetent.  At first we try to take Maggie’s picture while I’m holding her.  This takes 15 minutes of me holding her out at arms length (not easy, she is 22 pounds).  With each picture, the lady messes with the camera, breaks it and then has to get the manager.  Finally, the manager places a white board on the ground and takes Maggie’s picture twice.  Of course, the first picture is adorable.  Maggie is smiling and I’m happy because she is going to have an adorable first passport.  Then the manager tears up the adorable picture and gives me the other picture.  Sure, she still looks cute, because she is, but she’s not smiling and sadly it looks like a mug shot.  Maggie’s first baby mug shot.

Ironically, we have taken thousands of adorable pictures of Maggie and the one that counts is this one.  I’m already stressing out about taking her Driver’s License picture…in 16 years.

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