Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, this year started out great. My mommy class had a costume party and then on a whim, AJ, Maggie and I decided to go to Texas for Halloween.
Here’s a couple of adorable class pics:

A little backstory: For years I would fly to Texas to be with my nieces for Halloween, it was fun dressing up and getting to trick or treat with them. My sister never really wanted to dress up, but somehow we were able to convince her to wear the spare costume that I would bring to TX from LA. Over the years I have accumulated a box of costumes from sketch comedy shows, independent films and Halloween. At least now that I have my own kid, it won’t seem so strange that I have a small costume collection and love to dress up for Halloween or whatever. I think I was starting to seem like that crazy old Aunt that likes to act kooky.

With my already preexisting costume hoarding condition, I figure I have a few years where we can have fun family themed Halloweens. At least until AJ says, enough and Maggie is embarrassed by her mom dressed as a sexy Snow White. Let’s be honest, I’d buy the non sexy version, but for women, there isn’t one and I don’t plan on making my costume. I’m on the Target $20 costume path. If the version they have is sexy, then who can blame a mom for bringing sexy back. (Yes, that lyric is tired, but it fits)

With all that said, Maggie’s first Halloween was great. We had a family theme…Alice in Wonderland, so I was happy. I was able to modify my sexy Alice in Wonderland costume to conservative Alice too, so my mom was happy. AJ was happy because he loves to make his own costume based on whatever theme I pick and he was a fun Mad Hatter. Maggie was dressed as an adorable white rabbit, which made AJ happy because he wanted her to be an adorable creature. In the end, we all win. Maggie was even able to bring her favorite stuffed animal, Meow Meow, as the Cheshire cat.

Of course, I must say my 75 year old Uncle Cy dressed up this year and he was the highlight of my night. His costume was so scary, it made me laugh/pee myself. He scared his 3 year old grandson Ethan so bad, Ethan wasn’t able to trick or treat. Seriously, wouldn’t this scare the crap out of you…as a kid of course.

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