Baby weight, mine not the baby’s

Here we go.  It is time to focus on losing some baby weight.  First, I’d like to start off by saying “Thank you” to all of my friends and family who have said I look great.  It is so nice to hear, but at the same time I know it’s not true, unless the bar has been set pretty low for me since having a baby.  Except for my dad, he’s the only person that commented that I should start working out.  He’s an ex marine so I’m sure he’s unimpressed that I didn’t wake up at 5 am day after delivery in the hospital to go for a jog.  He’s also the only person that has agreed that my rear end is bigger than it ever has been.  (AND the only person that should comment, because I’m pretty sure my hormones would allow me to kick anyone else’s ass for mentioning it.)

Here’s an interesting factoid:  If you are breastfeeding, then you burn up to 500 calories a day and drop baby weight faster than someone that isn’t.  HELLO!  I’m in.  Actually, truth be told, this has been a huge factor on me powering through with the breastfeeding.  (I say it like this because its not as easy as you would think)  From an outsider’s POV, I’m sure it looks like… boob in mouth, baby eats.  Not all of the time.  For me, it’s boob in mouth & baby cries, boob in mouth&  baby plays with nipple, boob in mouth & baby decides boob to big, etc.  We’ll discuss breastfeeding at another time.  Back to big booty.

So with breastfeeding I have lost 18 pounds.  YAY!  18 pounds, but at the same time I still have 40 more pounds to go.  First, let me breakdown why I’m such a fatty.  To start off I gained 13 pounds in the 6 months prior to getting pregnant, not my best effort on staying trim.  Then during my 1st trimester I could only stomach eating carbs.  In an effort to not be nauseous I was constantly eating some sort of carb, instant 12 pounds gained.  Throughout the rest of my pregnancy I was staying active hiking and yoga everyday and eating healthy, but no matter what, I gained weight.  Yes, I’m jealous at those that ate ice cream and cookies for dinner every night, but my body was gaining weight with asparagus and couscous for dinner so ice cream was not in the cards.  I have to admit I obsessed about my weight and my doctor told me to calm down, some people are just prone to gaining weight and I was still very healthy and under the weight range.  Whatever! My ass was getting enormous.

All in all, week 1 has gone pretty well.  I lost 2 more pounds and my willpower has stayed strong.  I’ve barely cheated and indulged my sweet tooth.  Mainly because I saw a picture of Jessica Biel in a bikini and have made her butt my goal.  In my opinion she is perfect.  She looks healthy and sexy.  Which is my goal as a mom, healthy and sexy.  So if you need some inspiration too, here it is.

picture courtesy of buzznet

So here I am with 40 pounds to lose and all in my derriere.  The hardest place to lose weight is in the hind quarters and I’m saddled with it.  I’ll probably have a six pack, ripped arms, sexy legs and an ass the size of Texas.  They say your body changes after you have kids, I wasn’t planning on becoming Jenny from the block.  I want to be Jenny from spinning class.

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