You know you have a baby when…

A turn of events that I wasn’t expecting, happened today. My loving husband gave me a break today and I was able to get a long overdue manicure and pedicure. Let me just explain how long its been…It has been so long, I’ve been wearing socks continuously, so that my feet wouldn’t snag on the carpet or bed sheets. It was definitely time. Even the Korean lady at the nail salon seemed horrified by my feet. When I sat down in her chair, she looked at my feet as if I had walked through shards of glass and I agreed with her judgement. I apologized. She nodded and then began her grueling task. I was there for an hour and have never felt prettier leaving a nail salon. It really is the simple things in life. Is a manicure/pedicure considered a simple thing? I think so.

Then my mommy moment happened…You know you have a baby when you stop a stranger and ask them about their baby gear and not their stylish bag.

On may way out of the nail salon I saw a young woman with a baby in a very stylish carrier. Being the new style conscious mom that I am(or so I tell myself), I stopped her and asked what brand was her carrier. She told me it was an Ella Roo Carrier. I complimented her and then reached out to touch her baby. OMG! What was I thinking? I was in such a relaxed state from my salon visit, that I almost touched someone’s baby…without asking her. This may sound like nothing, but I am completely peturbed when someone reaches out and touches Maggie. I don’t know what it is exactly, germs, stranger anxiety, protective mother, but I don’t like it.

Thankfully, I realized what I was doing, so I quickly pulled my hand away from her baby, apologized and hurried to my car. So now I need to apologize to all of those crazies that tried to touch Maggie and I politely (quickly) moved her away from them. “Sorry, I guess we’re all a little crazy.”

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