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In my quest to find the perfect toys for Maggie, (yes that means my OCD about researching) I happened upon this interesting article. I really love how they give five different types of toys and the reasons our kids need them for development. The only problem I have is, it means more plastic. If you have any eco friendly ideas for the categories listed…Active play, climbing toys, again and again toys, Exploration toys, and pretend play. I’d love to hear of the eco friendly options. I’ll buy plastic if it is recycled or as a last resort. Mostly, I love wooden toys. I did however find an adorable ladybug ride on toy, that I’ll be getting for her bday. If you know Maggie, please don’t spoil the surprise. :)

Please read the article, so you know what toys would be comparable to those listed. Send me a link to your favorites. I’d love to see them.

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