I’m being watched…

Have you ever had the feeling something was watching you? You know that eerie feeling in the pit of your stomach, that constraining feeling of not being able to breathe and then the hair stands up on the back of your neck. Well, I’m living in fear right now. Every time I leave my house, I’m scouting for the predator that is watching me. I wish I was kidding, but I walk to my car with Maggie and I’m positive every move I make is being recorded. I leave the house to walk Gilmore and I’m sure we are going to be blindsided. I’ve even taken precautions on how to defend myself. I’ve searched out places to hide and was able to get a couple of good pictures of my stalker. Meet my friend…Ira,the spider.

I threw a 12 inch stick into his web and he walked over and took it out. Pretty much told me that I was an idiot and he was smarter than me.

Luckily if I’m attacked, it won’t be deadly, unless I have a heart attack.

Here are some helpful websites that helped me figure out if my spider was harmful. If you are squeamish, then you might not want to click the links. Some of the spiders are pretty creepy.

For Standard California spiders click here.

For general bug identification click here.

For spider bites click here.

Hopefully you won’t get the same kind of stalker I did.

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