I lost the battle

I’ve never really been good at losing and apparently Maggie feels the same way. For the past few weeks Maggie’s naps have been inconsistent to say the least. The first week I blamed it on NYC jet lag. The second week I blamed it on teething, and for the past week I’ve blamed it on separation anxiety. I’m not sure which one is the problem, it could be all of them or none of them. All I know is I feel like Maggie and I are at war…Nap War and she has definitely won the last few battles. Obviously, I’m up for the fight and plan on winning the war, but she is determined.

For me, my breaking point is two hours of crying and screaming. I either give up and put her in the stroller or just give up all together. I’m sure she has figured out my breaking point. I know some people would say, keep letting her cry it out. Don’t go in the room. Problem is, Maggie now pulls herself to standing but doesn’t know how to get back down. The few times I’ve let her try to figure it out, she lets go of the crib, falls, then hits her head. I’m determined to win the war but I’m not willing to let Maggie get a baby concussion everyday. Until she figures out how to sit back down in her crib, she wins.

I’m embarrassed to say, Maggie has a better strategy than I do. She has worn down my defense and clearly knows I have no game plan. This past weekend I sent in my special forces (AJ), he’s faster, stronger and extremely stubborn. Little did he know how stubborn and persistent Maggie is (takes after dad). She really does not want to nap or sleep! On Saturday, after an hour and fifteen minutes, AJ was able to get her to nap in her crib. Of course, he had reinforcements, I was calling defensive moves from behind the closed door. He left her room proud, exhausted and physically looked like he had been in a bar fight. I was happy for him, but at the same time miffed she wouldn’t sleep for me.

Let’s just say…the gauntlet has been thrown. I will win the sleep war. I know I will, because I have to.

Have you ever had a stubborn napper? I’d love to hear what you did.

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