Make me pretty ritual

We all have morning rituals that we have come to rely on.  When you are a teenager, you are discovering yourself.  When you are in your 20s you experiement with different looks. When you are in your 30s you know what works for you.  Throw in a baby and all of a sudden, the ritual has changed.

Admittedly, I usually take around an hour to get ready.  I take a shower, put on my favorite lotions (daily SPF), condition my hair, blow out my hair and put on my makeup.  I have now been thrown for a loop.  My hour long,”Make me pretty ritual” has been shortened.  So far it varies from 5 minutes to 15 minutes and if I’m lucky 30 minutes.  This is tough, especially for a girl who has to blow dry her hair.  I have what I like to call “White trash” hair.  If I don’t blow it out, my bangs lay flat on my forehead, my hair has no body and looks greasy and has a 1980s perm wave that hasn’t been kept up.  You know the look.  White trash.  If you put me in a trailer park, I’d blend in perfectly.

As an actress I always believed I’d get an Oscar for some dramatic character that lives in a trailer park with her boyfriend and 7 kids.  Mainly because my hair is “Method”.  (Without powder, I have solidified my Oscar nomination)  My skin is rosy and uneven.  I know I’m painting a beautiful picture of my self, but its true.

So on days like today, when all I have time to do is brush my teeth and put my hair in a ponytail and throw on some powder and lip gloss.  I long for a nanny and a stylist to wake up to everyday.

I guess what I’m saying is… I dream of the days that I will be a Real Housewife of Beverly Hills.  I mean seriously, they don’t do anything.  Okay, I haven’t watched the show yet, but I’ve heard.  Is it okay that I loathe them and want to be them at the same time?

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