Yes, I obsess

I’ll be the first to admit, one of my biggest flaws is my ability to obsess. No seriously, obsess. I research, I obsess, I stress, I research some more, then I buy. Honestly, I do it because I want Maggie to have the best, I want her to grow and develop and I don’t want to be responsible for holding her back. My only hope is she doesn’t inherit my obsessive trait and she inherits my husband’s “just go with the flow” trait.

Well, after our playdate with Mia, I obsessed about the right toys for Maggie. I wanted to find the perfect wooden activity cube. Then my obsession spiraled into…I need to find toys that will help Maggie develop physically. So I researched and found three toys that I’m extremely happy about.

First is the activity cube. I purchased the B toys cube from Target. I have had my eye on this cube for a few months, but really didn’t want to spend the money. Now I know it was definitely time to make the purchase. I also am a fan of most of the B toys line of toys. I love their motto and their mission. Check out their website and read what they are all about.

The wooden walker came next. This walker kinda just fell into our laps. I had been researching wooden walkers but hadn’t found one that I was comfortable purchasing for the price. AJ and I went to FAO for a fun day and randomly found this walker…on sale! We paid $30, it was normally $60 which is still half the price of the other walkers I was looking at. Score!

Lastly, I came across these weird animal pieces at Babesta in NYC. The toys are made to walk on, crawl over, pull up on, build with or for toddler seating. I saw the potential and wanted Maggie to have at least one. Now that we have one, I’m going to get another one and a toddler table. Voila! Fun furniture for her new toddler room.

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