1st Birthday Preparation

Maggie turns one year old in exactly one month. I just started preparing for her birthday party. I tried to reserve a pavilion at a Lake Balboa park, but found out everything is taken. Talking to a friend, I was informed that everyone starts planning birthday parties, much further in advance. I wanted to tell her I tried but I wanted to scout park locations and didn’t have time until this past weekend. Now that I say that out loud, it seems silly. At the same time, it is her first birthday and it is a big milestone. I don’t want to be momzilla, but I want her party to be memorable at least for us. Of course, it really is funny how blown out of proportion birthday parties have gotten.

Am I a bad mom because I’m not getting a bouncy house or a miniature horse for her to ride? Should I hire entertainment? I could get some musicians to sing kid songs, but will she care? I would get a costume character, but I’m sure a 6 foot clown, Elmo or any other character would scare the crap out of her.

I really just wanted to have an awesome day at the park with family, friends and everyone else that I have met in the past year. :) Kidding…kinda. Maggie has made a bunch of friends in our mommy & me class, at Stroller Strides and not to mention our friend’s babies. I wasn’t planning on being the social mommy/baby duo, but it has happened. Maggie and I have a social life, its not like my old social life, but maybe one day we’ll go clubbing together. I’m actually planning on it for her 21st birthday.

Have you been to any crazy birthday parties? I’d love to hear about them. You never know, the momzilla side of me, might like some of the ideas.

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