After 2 weeks in NYC, I needed a normal Maggie and Mommy day. So we did a few things we love to do…storytime, played at the park, explored a fun toy store and then relaxed together on a park bench in Strawberry Fields. It was a good day. Sometimes I feel like she is reminding me to just simply relax and have fun. Now I can’t imagine a day without her.

The last picture is my favorite. We waited for 20 minutes and watched tons of people take pictures with the John Lennon Memoriam. When there was a lull in the crowd, I decided it was time for our picture. When I put Maggie on the ground next to the Memoriam, people came rushing over to see the baby next to the word “Imagine”. It was a breathtaking moment for everyone. Several old ladies gasped with happiness. It really is amazing that babies bring so much joy to people.

Of course, at the same time if a baby cries on an airplane, the same people might be cursing. C’est la vie.

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