Storytime in NYC, etc

I’m a big fan of Storytime. I think the first thing I would recommend to any new parent is take your baby to a storytime as soon as you can. Maggie has been going to various storytimes around LA since she was 5 months old. The first couple of times she was more interested in the babies around her, but now at 10 months old, Maggie loves to hear the stories as well.

My friend Rachel told me as a child she loved sitting on her bed and reading more than watching TV and I hope Maggie ends up the same way. Not married to Rachel’s husband Dan, but the passion to read. In a way, I take Maggie to Storytime, so she will be inspired and grow up to read, just like Frauntie Rachel.

While we were in NYC, Maggie and I jumped around the city on a daily basis trying to visit as many Storytimes as possible. After 3 weeks in the city, I can tell you which Storytime was mine and Maggie’s favorite. It is definitely the Scholastic Book Store’s Storytime. This was great for so many reasons. First of all, the Scholastic Store is extremely well done. A child’s imagination can be inspired by just walking in the store. The displays were big and the characters were plenty. Secondly, their Storytime is held three times a week, so its easy to schedule into your trip. Lastly, the reader was fantastic. The young man that read the stories was animated and also interacted with the kids. Maggie had the best time.

This was also the store with the nicest mommies, I mean nannies. Funny enough, I was the only mommy at each of the Storytimes, the rest were nannies. This isn’t a problem for me, but apparently confusing for some of them. I had one Jamacaian nanny ask me if I was the swedish nanny. So clearly, not many mommies go to Storytime in NYC. This made me think…”Does everyone in NYC think I’m Maggie’s Swedish Nanny?” If so, I think its time to ask my employer for a raise!

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