A playdate to remember

I think about all of the activities that I plan for Maggie and wonder. Will she remember? The answer is probably no, but I’ve taken enough pictures to embarrass her through her teen years. Way to go mommy!

While I was in NYC we visited AJ’s friend Jordan, his wife Stefanie and their toddler Mia. Mia is just 4 months older than Maggie, but it seems like a huge difference. The gap seems to be closing, but for now, Mia is definitely older. Such as, Maggie still puts everything in her mouth, Mia has passed that stage, but was eager to help Maggie with her fetish.

Maggie is crawling, while Mia is walking and also doing yoga. Honestly, Mia was a little braggy about her downward dog. We get it Mia, you have found your Chi.

Mia has bigger toys, while Maggie is just starting to outgrow her baby toys. This was actually eye opening, because Maggie crawled right over to Mia’s wooden toy box, pulled herself up and began playing. This was a first and I felt like I had been holding her back. Don’t worry, now that we are back in LA, Maggie has the same wooden toy box and could care less about playing with it…OF COURSE.

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