Time to get out…

There comes a time as a new mom when you decide it’s time to get back into the world.  I believe this time is different for everyone, some may do this just after a few short weeks others may take longer.  For me, it seems as if 8 weeks was my breaking point.  It’s funny, I didn’t think this was early but everytime I take Maggie out to lunch, to a store or where ever.  It never fails that someone makes a comment that I am brave for bringing her out so early.  Did I miss something?  Should I be keeping her in a bubble at home?  If so, I’ll do it.  I’ll do whatever is best for her, but I’m not sure if the home bubble is.  As long as a stranger doesn’t touch my child with their grubby (I don’t know where they have been) hands, then I am fine.  Note to non parents:  Always ask if you can touch or hold someone’s baby, never assume its okay.  I even cringe when adorable old ladies want to touch Maggie, especially when they are on their way back from a public bathroom (bacteria parade).  I prefer the zoo mentality, look and enjoy but don’t touch or feed.

Obviously, I don’t want to turn into the neurotic parent that everyone talks about.  But at the same time, I’m the first of most of my friends to have a baby, so I’m pretty sure they don’t know about a baby’s non existent immune system.  Actually, most have been happy when we have asked them to wash their hands before holding her.  No one really wants to be the person that gets the baby sick.  Can you imagine?

So what is the baby etiquette for getting out into the world?  I’ve read countless blogs, magazine articles and tweets about mommy and me groups, varying from the basic informative groups, to the yoga mommy and me classes.  Each group has their age qualifications vary from group to group.  Which leads me to believe that the only opinion that matters is the one of the mommy (or daddy).

I guess what I’m saying is…

To the lady at the zoo who told me my baby was too young to be out: “Mind your own business, I didn’t tell you I was offended by you breastfeeding one child, while your other two children caused havoc on the playground.”

To the grumpy old man at CPK:  “You shouldn’t be annoyed at the sounds of a baby cooing, you should be pissed that the guy on the other side of you has loudly used the would f*#k in every sentence.”  We should all be offended at the poor vocabulary!  At the very least he could have used more than just the one curse word.

To the patron at Starbucks:  “Pay attention to your computer and screenplay and don’t roll your eyes while watching me fumble around balancing, baby, purse, diaper bag and my iced chai tea. (Not a hot beverage,  don’t want to spill on baby)  I have a screenplay too, so you aren’t that cool.”

All in all I’ve decided Maggie and I will go out when we feel like it.  If somehow our presence disturbs you, then I apologize.  Maybe you should tweet about it, because I’m going to tweet about you too.

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