Natural History Museum fun

So the first week we were in NYC, AJ and I decided we wanted to go to the Natural History Museum. Actually, this has been a running joke, because every time we go to New York, I’ve tried to go to the Natural History Museum. So after 7 years of trying, I finally went and Maggie got to experience it with her cousins as well.

We started off the day picking up our nephews Leo & Zeke. Leo is 9 years old and had to give us directions to walk there. This is typical of a NYC kid, they can tell you how to take a cab, ride the subway anywhere you want to go and of course how to walk to local places.

We get to the Natural History Museum and head straight to the Discovery room. I highly recommend taking your kids here. We all had a ton of fun. Zeke, who is 5 years old, enjoyed learning about the items in the drawers, while Leo was fascinated with building the dinosaur. Maggie was just as interested, she watched Leo build the dinosaur and then watched Zeke figure out the chest of boxes. Obviously, at 10 months old Maggie is a little too young to fully enjoy the museum. Thankfully, I enjoyed it twice as much as anyone else. Before having a kid, I wouldn’t have gone into the Discovery room, now I feel I get to enjoy the best of both worlds. Watching the kids discover, relearning history for myself while living every moment for what it is…Priceless.

I’ll have to take Maggie back to the museum when she is older, so she can experience it all over again…for the first time. I’m sure it’ll be in 7 years, when I get back around to it.

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