Hiking therapy and butt toning

I had a realization that I am a hiking enthusiast.  It’s not like this should have been a surprise.  I based my entire decision of buying a baby stroller around the question of “Which stroller is best for the hiking trails?” Answer: Bob Revolution Stroller.  One caveat is, a stroller good for hiking trails doesn’t mean a stroller that is easy to push up a hiking trail.  I guess that’s kind of the point, but phew, it’s a serious workout!  Exciting and exhausting at the same time.

For 10 years, I lived in Hollywood and would walk to hike Runyan Canyon on a daily basis. When I was feeling overly ambitious I would run the trails. It gave me clarity and peace every time I did it.  It’s my therapy.  There are times I must’ve looked like a crazy lady walking up the canyon, crying to myself, but by the end of the hike I was better. Of course, there are the actual crazies, such as my drag queen schizo neighbor Pam, that really draws attention.  Truth be told, not many people noticed me on those days.

Say what you want about LA, but for most of us that live here and love to be outdoors, the hiking trails are our nirvana.  It’s a great place to meet a friend, get a workout and bond.  The trails are therapeutic and they don’t smell like the city.  They smell like the outdoors, you know “poop and trees”, but in a good way.

I now live closer to Fryman Canyon and at first was bummed to leave the Runyan Canyon trail in Hollywood.  But now, I love Fryman.   In fact, I think I’m in love with Fryman (don’t tell my husband).  The hike is not as difficult, but you get just as much therapy from it.  It’s amazing what a little bit of nature will do for the soul.

Today, I realized I’m not the only one who hikes for therapy.  Everyone does, if they know it or not.  With each pair of hikers I passed by I overheard one or the other ranting about their life.  It’s not just hiking.  It’s obvious to me, it’s “couples hiking therapy”.  If your couple is your partner or your friend, if they are loud, or talk at a mere whisper, the outcome was the same for everyone.  Hiking is therapeutic.  Even if you are hiking alone, like I do sometimes, you can get as much therapy from the trails as the couples, it’s just more of an inward reflection.  Let’s call it “mommy peace therapy”.

So if you are looking for some therapy and want to tone your butt in the process, I’d recommend getting out and hiking a canyon.   It’s free, it’s healthy and the only thing you need to worry about is walking into the crazy crying lady…because she, and by she I mean I, won’t be thrilled about that.

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