The wedge…mommy shoe or not?

Is the Wedge the new mommy shoe? Since being in NYC, I’ve been walking around in my Fit flops or my Reebok running shoes, which is comfortable, but not as stylish as I’d like to be. Maybe because its Fashion Week, I’m feeling the urge to be stylish.

I’m sure most NYC women have their own shoe of choice. But I’ve noticed a couple of things, most women in NYC walk around in comfy shoes and carry their heels or they wear comfy cute shoes.

As a temporary New Yorker I’ve been thinking I want to look cuter walking around, I’m thinking the answer is a small wedge? Could this be the answer we have all been waiting for? Could the wedge replace the ballet flat? If only I lived in NYC full time I could start a wedge revolution.

Maybe Jessica Simpson could make her wedges a little shorter and we could all wear them and look like hot mamas. Jessica? If you care, I’d like a 2 inch wedge as an alternative to your very tall wedge line.

If you live in NYC I’d love to know what kind of shoes you wear. Would you be on board for a wedge revolution?

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