Fashion Week in NYC and a baby

I am ecstatic about going to a fashion show while I’m in NYC. Even if you don’t admit it, it is every girl’s dream to get dressed up and go to Fashion Week. Okay, maybe not fashion week, but to get dressed up and feel amazing, that is definitely a dream. Especially after wearing the mommy uniform for the past year.

I’ve decided to watch The Rachel Zoe project to motivate my style for the show. Maggie is taking a nap and doesn’t need anyone to motivate her style. Seriously, if I could rock a headband and look amazing, then I wouldn’t have to watch a show about fashion either. Maggie’s been sticking with a very popular style amongst babies…called Adorable!

These weeks are in NYC are fun for me. I have 2 weddings, a baby naming and a fashion show to get dressed up for. I have fun dresses for each one, except the fashion show. I think I need to wear something classic, but we’ll see what I find. Right now I have an entire new look, my hair stylist of 13 years darkened my hair, and my friend Roxanne helped me find some hair extensions and a fun fall. I’ve already worn the fall to a wedding and it looked amazing.

So far what I’m realizing is…my fashion sense has run the gambit from Vintage style to Mommy style. If I could figure out how to marry those two styles together, I’ll be happy.

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