Cried all day

I cried all day yesterday. Started by reading the most touching blog called matt, liz and madeline…. I’ve read Matt’s blog a couple of times since I was pregnant and then had Maggie, but it usually makes me cry, and its not the hormones.  But then after reading my hormones decided to take my mind into overdrive. I cried at everything. Reruns of Oprah, thank god she has stopped or I’d be in trouble. I actually stopped watching years ago, because I always got so emotional.  I can see how stay at home moms became addicted to her.  I cried at pictures on facebook, not my pictures.  I cried at a video of Maggie from when she was 2 weeks old ( I can’t believe she is growing so fast).  And I cried about Paxton.

Most know my dog Paxton just passed away a couple of months ago.  I had her for almost 16 years and it was painful.  I truly believe she held on until Maggie arrived.  I think she needed to know that I’d be okay, and I do believe having Maggie helped me cope with Paxton passing.  Honestly, Paxton was my baby.  We had been through a lot.  We moved here from Texas together, we’ve traveled across the country several times, we’ve been through break ups, we enjoyed hikes up the Canyon trails, and we’ve had an amazing 16 years.  She will be missed.

Of course I still have Gilmore and if you’ve met him need I say more… he’s no Paxton but I love him too.  Kinda.  Yes, this was Gilmore’s mohawk phase.  We’ve all had bad 80s hair at one time or another.


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