Father’s Day blog written by dad

When I thought of what my first Father’s Day would be like, I imagined it would be free of diapers, and babies, and bottles.  I imagined it would involve golfing, and running around outside and being generally irresponsible – all the things I can’t really do anymore.

Then I thought of the story that would be told in Maggie’s book about me.  In the page that said, my first father’s day my father took me…  I imagined it would be blank or perhaps filled with sad faces.

For me this would not stand.  Instead of making my first father’s day about me, I realized that it was her first father’s day too.  So, I dedicated every possible minute to her.


We cuddled together in the morning and then played together until breakfast.  I gladly fed her her bottle and we went out to breakfast.  We took her to the farmer’s market where  we picked out fresh vegetables and food for an intimate family bbq.  We stopped at the petting zoo where Maggie saw her first goat (cool), held her first rabbit (cute) and pet her first pig’s snout (eww).  I carried her in the Ergo carrier the mile plus back home and held her as she fell asleep.


On this day, I picked out all of her clothes (kind of) and changed all of her diapers (mostly) and it was splendid.

I grilled lunch for my family (the in-laws were in town en route to Vegas) and watched joyfully as Maggie laughed and smiled and played.

Soon after, my first father’s day with Maggie came to a close.  With Grammy and Pops in town I had to relinquish cuddle duties to them.  After all, it was Father’s Day for them as well.

For my Father’s Day present, they offered to watch Maggie while we went out.  I think it was as much a present for them.  She loves seeing them and they her.  It’s really fun to watch, though it makes me wish we all lived closer.

With Maggie well tended to, Jenny took me out to Firenze Osteria for a little private celebration.  It’s a restaurant whose executive chef is Fabio from Top Chef and we both had high expectations.  It wasn’t as good as we expected it to be,  but it was nice to celebrate together and it was a great ending to a truly special day.

As I think about the day and all the giggles and smiles and fun we had, I know that now, in Maggie’s book about me, the page about her first father’s day will say “Best. Day. Ever.”  The real reason I know that?  Because that’s what it says in my own book about me.



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