Storytime at the Library

There is something magical about going to the Library.  Is it nostalgia of my childhood?  Is it the reminiscent feeling of reading a fairy tale for the first time?  Or is it just the beauty of the knowledge that there is something new to discover?

Maggie turned 7 months old today and we went to the library for the first time to meet Shira and Emma for Storytime.  The Studio City library has an entire room dedicated to Storytime.  The librarian sat at the front of the room and all of the babies, kids, mommies and nannies sat in a semi circle around her.  Maggie and Emma were enthralled.  Emma being 17 months old, understood more of what was happening and was happy to participate in the fun songs and story.  Maggie, in typical Maggie fashion, sat in her spot stared at the librarian and occasionally let out a squeal of glee while throwing her arms up and down.  This is how we know she had an awesome time.

In this digital age, its nice to know babies and kids really just want to be stimulated and Storytime at the library is a great way to do it.  I want Maggie to grow up loving books and wanting to read.  I want her to discover a world of imagination and I think we sometimes forget that books do just that.

Thank you to Studio City Library for making me remember how fun books can be.  I bet there is a library near you that has a Storytime too.

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