Mommy fight

I need to vent for no reason….

As a new mom and a type B+ personality ( I was never an A student, there’s no reason to be a Type A person), I find myself reading tons of comments from other moms on various blogs.  One thing I have realized, every mom fits into a specific category.  Liar or not a liar.  This may sound harsh, but its true.  I love reading blogs and comments from moms that are able to enjoy and be honest with what is going on in their lives and their child’s life.  I learn from these women and respect them.

Then there are the other mommies.  The liar mommies.  For example, I just read a mommy blog that stated her child was sitting up unassisted at 6 weeks old and walking unassisted by 6 months.  Really?  Unless she gave birth to Superman, I’m pretty sure she is lying.  I don’t mind the occasional stretch of the truth, but really?  My friend Shira’s daughter was walking at 10 months and even she will admit that this was early.

Why do these people feel it is necessary to “stretch the truth”?  Why even write on the message boards unless you are trying to brag and make other moms feel bad.  Maggie is 7 months and not walking, if I wasn’t sane I’d be freaked out that she was a late bloomer (according to liar mom).

Its hard enough to remember all of the milestones Maggie has actually accomplished, much less if I was making some up as well.  How exhausting!

I know there is no reason for me to be upset at a comment on a message board, but I read these boards to find out what other mom’s are experiencing.  I want to mommy bond, instead I feel like mommy fighting.  Oh yeah , I said it.  I’d totally win in a mommy fight. Know why?  Because I’m doing stroller strides and its a crazy hard workout.

Anybody want to start a Mommy Fight Club with me?


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