Sexy Stroller Strides

Doesn’t it seem as if every year there is a new fad workout?  I love these workouts because they become very popular and then all of a sudden, people are appalled if you haven’t tried it.  This is a strange phenomenon but now I get it,  because I’ve become that person.   My new work out addiction is Sexy Stroller Strides.  Gone are the days that I can cardio dance my way back to sexy, you know the workouts…Cardio barre, Cardio strip, cardio pole dancingzumba…the list goes on.  Mainly because, I’m always with Maggie and the cost of getting a babysitter so I can dance my butt off, doesn’t seem to be cost efficient.

Well, I’m here to start a new trendy workout.  It is called Sexy Stroller Strides.  Okay, its actually just Stroller Strides, but if I add the sexy part to it, maybe it will catch on.  FYI…I am obsessed.  Yes, you need to be a mom and have a stroller (they recommend the Bob Stroller, but almost any will do).  If you don’t have kids, this class is almost a reason to have them.  Hint, hint.  I’ve never physically and mentally  pushed myself harder.  I’ve started the monthly membership and am now going 3 to 4 times a week.

I’ve been taking classes with Georgia at the Sherman Oaks location and she has changed my life.  Not only has she pushed me to try harder, the support from her and the other mommies has given me a new confidence.  No, I’m not at my goal weight, but I’ve learned that everyone’s body is different.   Yes, the weight is coming off slower than I had expected, but I’m giving myself a little bit of a break, because I feel stronger.

Of course, I’ll occasionally obsess about my weight.  Such as this past weekend I went to a friend’s B-day dinner and couldn’t decide what to wear because I knew everyone around me was going to be 5′ and less than a 100lbs.  I ended up wearing a fun maxi dress and didn’t think twice about it.  Yay me!

But seriously, if you plan on trying out Stroller Strides be ready to get your ass kicked, it really is less Stroller striding and more mommy bootcamp.  Let’s just say, if you are into getting back into shape after having a baby and want a supportive environment, then you should check out Stroller Strides.  If you aren’t into getting into shape after having a baby, no worries.  You are either one of those lucky bitches that just naturally gets thin again or I’ll be watching you on Biggest Loser in couple of years.  Kidding…kinda.

So come out and join me, just let Georgia know that I sent you.  She might give you a break on lunging, squats or whatever exercise she is (lovingly) torturing us with that day.

A word to the wise:  Don’t forget your water in the car or your baby…

Disclaimer:  This doesn’t mean I won’t occasionally go to a Cardio Barre, Cardio Strip or Pole dancing class… A girl needs to get her exercise groove on too.


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