A Guatemalan Wedding

Hola!  I’m back from Guatemala and another amazing adventure with AJ and some of my closest friends.  Okay, I’ve been back for a week, but I was sick, then I was busy.  First things first, if you ever get invited to a wedding that is out of the country…GO!  We have had a couple of destination weddings in the past few years, and it would seem it’s now becoming a tradition/mandatory for my friends to get married in another country.  Yes, it can get expensive, but these weekend adventures have been some of the best moments of my life.  (Not including any moments with Maggie, she is top of my list).


There is so much to say about this trip.  I flew to Texas and dropped Maggie off with my parents (Grammy and Pops).  I wasn’t sure how she was going to be without me, so I stayed in Texas a couple of days and then went to Guatemala.  Maggie had no problem adjusting to my parents, which made it easier to leave.  The hardest part about leaving was figuring out how to travel efficiently.

I ended up just taking a backpack, a big backpack.  It made getting around so much easier.  I didn’t want to arrive in a foreign country and be weighed down with a bunch of suitcases.  This is probably the most efficient I have ever packed.  I had 3 pairs of shoes, several dresses for day and evening, a bathing suit and some extra casual clothes.  It was liberating knowing I could pack minimally.  Of course, I only wore my bathing suit on the last day because I ran out of underwear. Oops.  I was planning on wearing it at our hotel, but the pool was actually a fountain (AJ still swam in it, while the waiters laughed at him).  I took a picture from our bathroom window, because I had to get ready for the wedding.

The wedding was simply beautiful.  Lisa and Henry got married on top of some ruins in the middle of the city.  The view was breathtaking.  Of course, it started to rain during the ceremony (common for Antigua) but Lisa was the most calm I have ever seen her and she isn’t a calm person.  She just smiled and waited out the rain and talked to everybody under the covering.  The rain actually made the pictures even more beautiful.


Because of the rain, my hair started to turn into my “Trailer park” style.  Luckily Stephanie, pulled it back into an adorable, messy, bun.  She then fixed her own hair and we both looked great.

We proceeded to have an amazing night with old friends, new friends and our new Guatemalan friends.  I spoke my Level 101 Spanish and AJ spoke Spanish too ( better than me, but not much, he’s probably Level 401) :).  Of course Leslie’s husband Eric speaks 3 languages and decided to immerse himself with the Guatemalans so he could speak as much Spanish as possible.

But Eric wasn’t the only one socializing with the locals.  AJ had a great conversation at the bar and later on I find my friend Jenny Schuster dancing with her new friend.

All in all….an amazing wedding with even better friends.  And an adventure we will never forget.

PS:  Sorry to all of my friends who aren’t in this picture.  I tried to find a group shot with everybody, but realized I don’t have one.  :(

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