Waddle Waddle.

There are so many things to think about when having a baby.  I always thought that I would be obsessed with baby books, sex of the baby and how my life is going to change.  Instead my days vary from nursery obsession, stroller obsession, nutritional obsession, workout obsession, to what to wear (in order to feel cute pregnant).  Of course I follow up everything with the word obsession because each topic has sent me down a wormhole on the internet hours upon hours at a time.

Today I thought would be different.  I was feeling extremely productive, then lunch happened.   I left my lunch meeting ;) , walked to the car and realized I’m waddling.  This is a milestone that I wasn’t expecting.  I know I’ve seen pregnant women waddle, but I just assumed they were about to give birth.  I’m 7 months pregnant and waddled.  No!  I’m going to be the girl that waddles everywhere from now on.  Instead of my normal internet research, I’ve decided to just announce it to the world and be ok with it.  So here it is:  My name is Jenny and I waddle.

Now, let’s see if I can change my worm hole pattern into a productive work afternoon.  I’ll let you know if I keep obsessing over the waddle or if I’m able to control the urge to search the www.

PS. I think I’m only waddling because I’m really full.  Of course, I’m not a doctor, I’m a theorist.

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