My new love for Crocs

This probably seems silly but I have a new found love for Crocs.  I have to admit, when Crocs first came out I was repulsed by them.  Whenever I would see someone wearing crocs, I’d silently judge them.  I’ve glared at Croc kiosks, scoffed at stores and laughed at people gardening in them.

In my mind, Crocs represented lazy America…why can’t people wear normal shoes?  I understand there are people that work on their feet all day and need comfort shoes, but Crocs?  Don’t get me wrong, I understand.  I’ve worked double shifts waiting tables and catering.  The hardest shift I’ve ever worked was a triple catering shift for the Oscars, 18 hours on my feet running around like a servant…not a glamorous Oscar Night for me.  Even then, I didn’t cry for Crocs, I just made fun of all the chefs that were wearing the hideous shoes.  While my feet bled from blisters, but I still wouldn’t touch Crocs.

Now that I’m pregnant, things have changed.  My feet hurt after 2 hours of walking around or standing.  It feels like everyday I am working the 12 hour shift at iHop.   Something had to be done.  I needed comfy preggers shoes.  So I researched shoes and guess which shoe repeatedly was mentioned as the most comfortable shoe.  What is happening?  This has to be a joke.  I researched for weeks trying to find a better alternative, but the results were in.  I had to buy Crocs.   I have to admit, I had never tried on Crocs before, so I had no idea.  Even when I purchased them online, I was sure I’d be returning them once I tried them on.

So I went online to the Crocs website and found out…there are some cute styles of Crocs.  Was this a hidden secret?  Why wouldn’t Crocs market these other styles?  So I purchased 2 pairs, a pair of flip flops and a silver petite style.  Once the shoes arrived I tried them on and thought, okay… I guess they are fine.  So I wore them for a day and guess what?  By the end of the day, I didn’t have any foot pain.  This had to be a fluke.   Are Crocs the miracle shoe I’ve been waiting for?  So I wore them every day for a week.  No pain.  What is happening? I’ve fallen in love with my Crocs. My fashion soul is tortured.

Of course, there is one problem with Crocs, they don’t get along well with escalators.  On one of my longer work days at ITVFest, I was riding the escalator and one of my crocs was sucked into the moving giant.  It was very scary and kinda painful.  My shoe was obliterated, but my foot was fine.  I mourned for my silver crocs.  My husband saw my pain and let me buy another pair of Crocs.  This time I bought a cute white pair that look like Keds.  I am in love with them, they are kinda stylish and extremely comfy.  I wear them every day to walk my dog, Gilmore.  At this point in my pregnancy I’d never give up my Crocs.  Its uncomfortable to lean down and put on tennis shoes, so slipping on a comfy pair of Crocs is undeniable.

I guess the moral of this story is, don’t judge a book by its cover.  Unless you are going to silently judge and then blog about it later. :)


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