Fit flops…not just an exercise shoe?

There are a few things I realized while in Guatemala. One….I definitely looked like a tourist,with the three types of cameras I had with me. Two….I’m happy I only took a backpack to travel. Three…I’m in love with my fit flops.

The streets in Antigua, Guatemala were made of Cobblestone. Not the type of cobblestone we are used to, but cobblestone from hundreds of years ago. We walked around the town all day each day. My fit flops quickly became my shoe of choice. I don’t necessarily believe they were keeping me fit, but they are definitely made for walking….serious walking. In five days we walked the entire city of Antigua, plus the towns surrounding Lake Atitlan. The fit flops held up & were comfortable on the Cobblestone streets, the hikes around and to the steep villages and the stairs of Casa del mundo.

If you are going to be traveling and want a cute pair of shoes to wear that aren’t tennis shoes….wear Fit flops.



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