The Diaper Debate

The diaper debate.

Every time I mention that AJ and I are going to be using hybrid diapers I get a recurring response. “We’ll see how long that lasts”.  Which is very interesting to me.  First, do you know what a hybrid diaper system is?  Secondly, why would everybody not try to use them?  Lastly, why do I have to apologize for trying to be eco friendly?  With all of those questions in mind, I figured I would attach some links to various alternative diaper solutions.  These are just a few of the diaper systems that I have looked into and feel the information should be passed on.  If you are interested in learning about them, please do.,,,, and  Another website I have found to be informative is, they have tons of information.

I’m not going to preach one diaper over another, but I do ask that if you are going to make a comment, please know what you are talking about.  As most pregnant women know, there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t get advice from a stranger.  With all of the advice I listen and say thank you.  Most of it, I ignore and move on with my day, but occasionally there is a gem.  Such as, “When you have your baby, squat with your knees to pick things up, don’t bend over.  You will strain your back.”  Maybe this is something we should all know, but its definitely good to be reminded/told, so thank you to my fellow mom friend that mentioned that to me.

All in all, the negative or sarcastic comments make me feel a little sad for the environmental movement.  If the majority of people have a gut reaction that is against the notion of change, are we ever going to get to a place where eco friendly choices are the first choice.

I’m starting to sound preachy, so I’ll stop, but before I do.  Just so you know, I’m not planning on wearing a 50s housecoat and using a huge pin to secure a cloth diaper.   I’m just looking for an eco friendly alternative.  Yes, I have read the debate on… “Is cloth diapering actually eco friendly?” You should read up on it too and whichever side you fall on is your choice.  Thankfully, there is a choice for all of us…plastic diapers, cloth diapers, hybrid diapers, and bio diapers.

PS.  If you don’t think I’ll be able to pull of the hybrid diaper system.  You don’t know me.  Ask my last contractor, I won the recycled wood debate for our new deck.  Not an easy debate to win… a 20 year contractor veteran vs 1st time home owner.


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