I love local designers!

This weekend on both Saturday and Sunday there was a fun event in downtown LA called Unique LA.  My friend Mr. Kate had her jewelry booth there and we decided to go check it out.  I really wasn’t sure if the event was going to be kid friendly, but I did some research and found out there were local designers for babies showing, so I decided to take Maggie.  Since I usually brave most tradeshows, farmers markets, swap meets with my friend Leslie, we thought this would be a great start to Maggie’s career of buying locally and learning to support the arts. :)

This event was amazing, a hipsters dream (sidenote: we aren’t hipsters, we just like what we like, but not ironically).  There were so many local artists, designers, and vendors, I must admit we were a little overwhelmed at first.  So we decided to start by finding Kate’s booth.  This took some navigating, but there was an easy to read map to use, which helped.  The only problem is, I started off by looking at the map and wondering “Where is the…You are here…dot?”  Um… it was a paper map, not digital.  It is definitely time to take an electronic break.

Long story short…We found Kate’s booth.  Leslie and I both bought jewelry that we’ve been wanting to buy.  Then we walked around and browsed other vendors, stopping to purchase a few things.  I also picked up business cards and postcards of some of my favorites.

33R3R3 These were beautiful Origami mobiles, which I will be purchasing at some point.  They really could be considered art.

Salvage Life An adorable vintage booth.  This lady has style.  I love anyone that can pull off vintage flawlessly.  I’m also in love with the triple watch necklace on her etsy site.

Some great kids booths:

Twirls and Twigs This booth had the most adorable dresses.  I’m really bummed I wasn’t able to purchase from here.  Maggie was getting fussy and I needed to find a place to let her stretch out.  This company had the best $10 & $20 racks, I hope to see them at the next show.

Moncalin I’m definitely going to buy Maggie a gift basket for her 1st birthday.

Kelley Hart has really cute Owl designs, that I’ll buy.  Or possibly the skull collection for next year’s Dia de los muertos.

Caracola This independent company made really cute dolls.  Hopefully, they will update their blog/website soon for purchasing.

Muddy Cloud I bought finger puppets from here.  In retrospect, they were a little pricey, but I know I’ll get good use out of them.

Here’s some jewelry that I’m digging

Mr. Kate I love the bark and twig collections, but my next purchase will be the bow ear cuff and bark ear cuffs. :)

Coatt Jewelry This was really cool and unique morse code jewelry.  I might get a special one made for my bday.

Bertha de la Piedra This designer had some dainty stack rings that I have my eye on.

Ofina I’m in love with the Lariat jewelry out of this collection.

Last but not least

Rya Kihlstedt linens  I almost didn’t stop at this booth, but the colors of the linens caught my eye.  I’m definitely going to by a table linen or maybe some linen napkins. I need some for special occasions.

Also thank you to HD Buttercup for the lounging section.  We needed to stretch out and let Maggie lay on a couch for a few minutes.  She was getting cranky because of the temperature.

On that note…the only drawback was the temperature inside the event.  Whew… it was warm, not to mention I was carrying Maggie in the Ergo, so our body heat was intense.  Sadly, this affected how much we bought because we were trying to get through all of the vendors and would have probably stayed longer, but it was too warm.  Of course, this makes my husband happy, ironically he told me not to buy too much because we are on a budget.  You’re welcome AJ!

FYI:  In the picture below, Kate just told Maggie she doesn’t design for her age group.  You can imagine….the horror!


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