Finally…a spa day

Recently I’ve been obsessed with Groupon and Living Social deals.  I mean obsessed.  You sign up for these sites and they will email you fantastic discounts in your city, specifically for the things that interest you.  It’s like free money for things that you would already normally buy.

The upside is, I’ve discovered some fun places to go in LA, that I might not have found.  The down side is, if you are like me and everything looks fun, exciting and seems like a great deal then you might get a little overzealous.  I have now purchased 9 months worth of yoga classes and spa treatments through these websites.    Different studios around town, different types of facials.  All new experiences that I’m really excited about, but 9 months is a big commitment and I recently learned all of them expire in 4 months.  So, I have to squeeze 9 months worth of spa and yoga into 4 months of life with a baby.

I’m a little stressed about having to go to the spa and yoga so much.  Which is definitely the opposite of how you’re supposed to feel about both of those things.  Clearly, I’m going to be fit and younger looking by September, if I don’t pull my hair out trying to fit it all in.

Since I’ll be going to so many spas and yoga studios, I figure I would do a brief review of my experience.

On Sunday I went to RA Spa in Burbank, CA.  This spa is a hidden gem.  They pride themselves on being an organic day spa and I was definitely excited to try it out.  I had a great experience, I had purchased a facial and a massage, so this was a big day for me.  They have a sauna you can use prior to your treatments, a tea room and a quiet room.  I brought my Kindle with me to get some reading done, but the lights were too dim and I couldn’t really see it.  So I opted just to sit and relax.  This was lovely, mainly because at this point in my life I rarely am sitting or relaxing without multitasking my entire life.

First came my massage and let me just point out, I’ve never really enjoyed massages except for during my pregnancy.  For some reason, my body reacts strangely and my anxiety is heightened.  It is rare that I get a massage and my body doesn’t bloat with gas.  So while I’m getting a massage and am supposed to be completely relaxed, I’m thoroughly tense because I’m clenching trying not to pass gas.  On top of the butt clenching, I’m nervous because someone I have never met is now rubbing lotion all over me and massaging areas that only my husband sees (and should see).  Other than those two things, I enjoyed the massage.

Lastly was the facial…and I’m in love.  The facial was AMAZING.  With all organic/natural ingredients, not only did I feel good about the facial, but I could feel it working.  During the facial, my specialist also gave me a foot and hand massage, which yes made me bloat. :(  But all in all, I loved it.

I learned something about myself during this spa experience.  First I love being pampered.  Secondly, I prefer facials over massages.  So, I’m going to take my Groupon and Living Social deals and it looks like I’ll be getting facials for the next 4 months.  A lot of them.  Three or four times a week.  I can already feel the glow.



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