Kooky yoga instructor

I started taking a weekly prenatal yoga class during my 12th week and continued through my 35th week.  I bought a series when I was pregnant because I was sure I would go every week and it saves money.  Granted, it only saves $3/session, but 10 sessions is one container of formula, so…it’s worth it?

Does everybody buy their yoga classes in a series? Or is it just me?  Problem is if you don’t finish the series, then it’s a waste of money.

I have 4 classes left on my prenatal yoga series package, but I’m not pregnant anymore.  I have two options – get pregnant again so I can finish the series or call the studio and see if they’ll change it.   I think I’ll see what’s behind door number two.

My hesitation has been that the woman I dealt with at the studio (also my yoga instructor) was a little kooky.  Every week she came to class and had a bitch session for the first 20 minutes. She would complain about everything.  Most often her back pain…Really?  You have a class full of pregnant women who can’t sleep because their back’s hurt and you are complaining?  Here I am trying to have a nice zen pregnancy (if that’s possible) and Julie was the most un-zen person.  I’m sure she was going through something personal, so I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt.

I build up the courage to call and good news – the studio will let me use my remaining classes for a non-pre-natal class. So, I’m signed up for Baby and Me Yoga.

Pre-natal yoga wasn’t much of a workout, but it keeps you feeling like you’re taking care of yourself.  I can imagine what Baby & Me Yoga is like and a workout isn’t really what I’m anticipating.  But, it is another activity to help pass the daytime hours and any kind of stretching is good for babies and mommies alike.

Of course, I noticed on the schedule, Julie is teaching the Baby & Me Yoga also.  What a dilemma!   What could she possibly complain about that could annoy me enough that I don’t enjoy my time with Maggie?  I’m guessing…lack of sleep. Hopefully Julie’s life problems won’t affect Maggie’s downward dog.

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