Teslers vs Bugs…Bugs winning

So…AAAHH!  I was putting Maggie down for a nap and heard a buzzing sound.  I figured there was a bee outside her window, so I pulled back the curtain and there were two bees flying around.  Then I looked down and there were ten dead bees on the floor.  Aj and I killed the two flying around but all of the bees really freaked me out.  AJ called an exterminator and now we think there might be another hive in our walls.  Seriously?  We just got rid of a huge hive last summer.  A hive so huge, they had to punch through our walls to get it out.  I wonder if there is some kind of bee prevention we can spray on our house.

Of course to top it off, a couple of hours after discovering the bee problem, there was a tick (I think) crawling on Maggie’s bed.  GROSS! Yes, we have two dogs, I’m sure that is the reason, but enough is enough.  Now we have some exterminators coming to the house tomorrow as well as the bee people.

Wait I’m not done.  On top of the bees and ticks, we also have a silverfish problem.  Don’t know what a silverfish is?  Let me tell you…its a weird spider worm insect.  Its long and skinny like a worm, but has creepy long legs like a spider.  I had never heard of these either until we moved into this house.  We have to get an exterminator every spring for these creepy buggers.

So hopefully all the bugs will be gone tomorrow and I’ll just have to be cleaning up bug carcasses from around the house.  Yes, living in the hills has its advantages, great views, nature, out of the city etc…  It also has its disadvantages, bugs, critters and coyotes.  On a good day, I’m relaxing with a glass of wine enjoying the view.  On a bad day, I’m crawling out of my skin because nature is creeping into my house.


UPDATE:  I wrote this blog on Friday, on Friday the bee exterminators came and took care of the bees.  There wasn’t a hive, just a passing swarm.  Weird.  Terminix came on Saturday, they flaked on Friday, the miscellaneous bug was a beetle, not a tick.  YAY!  We had another exterminator, Geyer’s Pest Control, come out today and told us the bug was a carpet beetle.  Its not harmful, but will feed on the fibers in the carpet.  Gross.  We our getting our house exterminated this week.  Not by Terminix, the inspector they sent out was clueless and he also brought a flying ant into our house and let it loose.  I killed it once he left.  Who wants an exterminator that brings bugs into the house?


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