Another bumper!

I had my 2nd Mommy and Me class today. Actually, it was our 3rd, but AJ went for me last week. I had a little cold and I’m not sure if you knew this, but moms get completely and totally insane if anyone who may have been sick in the last month gets near their baby.  Myself included.

Today’s topic was SIDS. It was good to hear the teacher talk about what to do and what not to do, but made me realize I really do research a ton. Everything she told us about, I had already read. Except for one thing. She said it was necessary to buy a breathable bumper instead of the cushy ones that came with the bedding. OMG! Are you kidding me? We are trying to not buy anything unless it is absolutely necessary. We are to capacity with stuff and now this lady is telling me to buy another bumper. AAHH!

Yes, I am aware that bumpers are considered unsafe and a cause of SIDS for infants (see above comment about my research obsession).   I took mine off a few weeks ago in case she started moving.  You can have a bumper on the bed before she moves and then you can put it on again after she’s really good at moving.  It’s the time in between that’s a problem.

I was bummed about it, because it really did “tie the room together”, but c’est la vie – who needs adorably perfect bedding anyways?  Fine…me.  I plan on putting it back on when she is a year old.   No, I haven’t done any research at this time to know if this is okay, but I’m assuming it is. Especially since at that time, she will be able to push herself up and move away from the bumper if she rolls herself into it. (Don’t worry I’ll do the research before I put it back on.)

So off to Babies R Us we go.  I find the breathable mesh bumpers, the choices are minimal.  I pick the cream colored one, because I can give it to a friend without it clashing with their crib set.  Seriously, at this point if I have any friends in LA that have a little girl within the next 2 years, they will be receiving a ton of stuff.  I’ve already started making a box of clothes that Maggie has grown out of.   I really can’t stomach anything being used once.  For crying out loud, we use reusable diapers and that’s something that’s pretty hard to stomach.  (Not really, it’s actually easy to do and is so good for the environment, I’m amazed when people don’t do it)

The instructor insisted we get one of these mesh bumpers because the babies’ little fingers and arms can get stuck in the crib slats.  Apparently the instructor’s crib slats are very small, because baby’s fingers can hardly get stuck in something that’s like a million times the size of her hands.  But, it sounds horrible and the way Maggie moves around in her crib these days, I’d like to be safe instead of sorry.  And, with my anxiety, I haven’t been able to stop thinking of the hypothetical adventurous night where we have to cut through the crib slats to free her.  So I guess a real $30 on a mesh bumper is better than hypothetically ruining a crib.

I really need a glass of wine to appease my impulse buy of a mesh bumper today. Whew!  So sad, the days of impulse buying a cute pair of $200 jeans are gone.

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