Cupcakes are tempting

So here I am on week 2 of my “Trying to lose baby weight” diet.  I’m running errands and decide to run into Starbucks to grab a tea, for a pick me up.  As I wait in line I’m stuck in front of the pastry window and I begin to salivate as I stare at the delicious treats.  My saving grace is I notice that each pastry has the calories listed on the card in front of it.  Thank you Starbucks!  I don’t know how strong my willpower would have been if I hadn’t noticed the calories.  I was able to walk away from Starbucks with a smile and a skinny vanilla latte with soymilk and no treats.  Okay, I splurged on the latte, but at least it was only 130 calories instead of 430.   YAY me!

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