Thank you card etiquette

I have a dilemna.  I need to sit down and start writing thank you cards.  For some reason, I am dreading this.  It’s not because I’m not thankful for all of the baby presents.  I am truly thankful to everyone that gave us a present and to those that have been giving us moral support.  The fact is, thank you cards are extremely time consuming and I don’t have that much down time.  So either I’ll be writing the cards when I should be taking a nap, cleaning or working and I’ll be napping, cleaning or working when I should be doing any of the other 1000 chores I have to do as a mom.

I know I come across as the most put together wife and mom around. (wink wink) The actuality is, I’m constantly wishing for the moment I can have a glass of wine, margarita or some xanax.

So tell me…what is the etiquette on thank you cards? Do I have to send paper cards?  Can I just say thank you on our birth announcements?  Or can I even just email a thank you card?  (The last choice is the greenest and probably the most updated)  I’ve been told by some, that I have up to a year to send them.  Now I’m not sure this is true and I’m positive that my husband will harass me daily if I wait up to a year to send them.  I actually think that only applies to wedding presents.

Sometimes I wish there was a life etiquette book.  I know over time there have been various women that have taken on the etiquette rules of that generation.  Miss Manners, Ann Flanders, Martha Stewart, but who can tell us what the correct etiquette is now.  If I don’t find someone, I’m going to take it as my personal goal to update all etiquette for our generation.  Just call me, Mrs. Millenium Manners.  Okay, fine I’ll work on the name.

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