Procrastinating half marathon training

On November 12, 2015 I will be running another 1/2 marathon to raise money for Rett Syndrome research. I’m excited about doing it, but dreading the training. I started casually running once a week for the past month and all of a sudden I noticed a clicking in my knee. Everytime I step up the stairs, my right knee clicks, when I squat I hear a crunch. I’m kind of freaking out. I don’t want to hurt my body, this is the only one I have and I need it to last me for another 40 years. After that, it can do whatever.

So, this will be my third 1/2 marathon. I was unable to really train my first 1/2 marathon and my goal was to just finish the run. I did but it was painful. My second 1/2 marathon I was able to train for 2 months prior to the run and I finished well, beat my previous time and finished with minimal pain. I was actually surprised. There are plenty of reasons why I’m procrastinating. Maybe because I lost two toenails during the last two marathons, or it could be I’m worried my knee is a little injured from the last two half marathons.  I’m fairly healthy and fit, so I really don’t want to deal with a running injury or maybe I’m avoiding the emotional aspect of training to run to find a cure for my daughter.

Either way, it doesn’t really matter because I have set my start date for August 1st. That will give me three months of training, which is the most I have trained. So I have two weeks to prepare myself mentally to start running, get my knee checked out and cleared by a doctor and schedule my trainings around my life. The count down has started. Let the soreness, injuries and crying begin. I’m hoping for the best.

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