Why are we Gluten free?

I wish, I wish, we weren’t gluten free. I wish we weren’t gluten free for so many reasons. First, for silly reasons… it can be exhausting keeping up with the gluten free lifestyle. I hate feeling like I’m being a pain while ordering at a restaurant. Oh, yes, I have been glared at. Such a weird reaction, why so much judgement about being GF. Also, less people would make insensitive comments to me, such as “Gluten Intolerance is not a thing, unless you have Celiacs”. BTW, it is a thing. I’ve been tested for Celiacs Disease and I don’t have it, but I did test positive to gluten intolerance (ALCAT test). So, I wish we weren’t gluten free because It would mean I wasn’t gluten intolerant. But forget about me! Lastly but really first and mostly, I wish we weren’t GF because that would mean M’s body didn’t have GI issues and she wouldn’t scream in pain because of something she ate. She wouldn’t need help through a strict diet and supplements to help her body function appropriately.

That being said, the one thing I am thankful for is the gluten free phenomenon. I don’t care what reasons anybody has for being gluten free, but the fad has helped us out tremendously. When I first started a gluten free diet, I cried for the first few weeks. I was hungry, depressed, overwhelmed and emotionally unprepared for what it meant. There weren’t that many gluten free options. I really had to search for food that was gluten free and most of it tasted like cardboard. It was depressing. Then over the years, more companies started jumping on the GF bandwagon. Yay!

For awhile, it was just me that was gluten free. I would make two different meals for every meal. AJ & M’s meals and then my gluten free meal. It was somewhat annoying. Then we were trying to treat all of M’s Rett Syndrome symptoms as naturally as possible, which meant weaning her body off of Miralax. The first step was making her food gluten free. In reality, as long as we make sure to always have snacks on us and plan ahead, we tend to be okay. While I was GF, I didn’t rave about the benefits of the GF diet, but now that I see the direct affect Gluten has on M’s GI issues, I quickly praise being GF. It wasn’t long after her GF diet change that we saw a change in her GI issues. We were able to lower the dose of miralax slowly but surely. Being GF didn’t completely help M’s GI issues, once we added various supplements, we finally weaned her completely off of Miralax. If she is having a bad tummy day, now we rub essential oils on her belly and she is better. But the GF diet was the first major step!

Now that we know what is happening with M (Rett Syndrome). I have learned so much more about the Gut-Brain Connection. It has been eye opening. We have always been healthy eaters, but now we are even more diligent. Our food is almost always organic, locally grown, gluten free, and GMO free. Yes, it gets pricey but when you see your child progressing with each healthy alternative, be it a GF diet, supplements, essential oils, and therapies…it is worth it.

I understand, that if you don’t have any issues with gluten, its hard to understand how much the Gluten free diet helps us. Thats ok, thats your journey. You are lucky. But I’m telling you, it really does help us.

So I will be posting recipes, tips and store bought goodies that I have found that make our life easier, healthier and pain free. If you want to check out my Pinterest page, I have been collecting a good amount of ideas there as well….click here.

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