Those hippy oils

I really never thought I would be someone that uses oils for healing, cleaning and daily living. It just kind of happened. Actually, that isn’t true. It all started after our daughter’s Pediatric Neurologist suggested we look into alternative treatments and therapies for our daughter because Rett Syndrome doesn’t have a treatment or cure. What? Seriously?! Our extremely knowledgeable Pediatric Neurologist who uses Western medicine is telling us to look at alternatives to Western Medicine. That was really mind blowing for us. The only medicine that he would possibly prescribe was Lexapro or Zoloft for her anxiety. At the time, she was 3 years old and we had a really hard time with this. So I started researching Essential Oils, following facebook groups that treated their daughters with oils, and reading everything I could about Natural healing (essential oils, supplements, accupressure, massage, etc).

It took me about 5 months before I decided to commit to buying some oils. I was still a skeptic, but my daughter’s GI issues, anxiety and arm stereopies was getting out of control and it was time to try something. I had been following a group that used mostly doTerra Essential Oils. I didn’t think the brand matter at the time, but now I am definitely brand loyal. Mostly, because when other moms can give you advice to what oils specifically helped their daughter, its nice to not have to come up with my own concoction and just try theirs. Different brands have different oil blends. I’m sure other brands are good as well, but I use doTerra.

The first oils I bought were mostly for anxiety and a couple for GI issues.  Now, if you are thinking, whatever Jenny…how do you know they work on your daughter. Well, I’ll tell you I see a difference, albeit a small difference with her anxiety and hand stereotypies, I still see a difference. The biggest difference has been with her GI issues. I rub Digestzen on her belly daily and it really does help, especially with gas and cramping. I know this is true, because I use it on myself as well. I am intolerant to a list of foods, so when I accidentally eat something I shouldn’t, I feel so much better after rubbing a couple of drops of Digestzen on my belly. This is so much better than taking Gas X or Tums on a daily basis.

Between the calming oils and the digestive oils, I am a believer. Of course, my husband one day mentioned, I smell like a hippy. I thanked him. I’m proud to smell like a hippy. Because right now smelling like a hippy is my happy place. I feel better, and it really is amazing to remedy something the natural way.

Disclaimer:  I will mostly talk about my experience with doTerra, but you can use whatever oils you feel are good for you. So when I post about various oils, please use the information to help yourself. If you want to know the individual oils that are in the blends, that I use, just ask, comment or message me and I’ll get them to you. Let’s get oily.


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