50 shades of gray hair

Let’s talk gray hair.  I know for many people  getting a gray hair is pretty much the end of the world.  I’m not necessarily one of those people, but I definitely am not going down without a fight.  My husband has been getting gray since he turned 26, it got worse when we got married, he was 28 and since Maggie was born the gray pretty much exploded all over his head, he was 32.  Of course, he looks great with gray hair, he has a boyish face, and not so boyish charm…it works for him.  Me not so much, if I had a head full of gray hair I wouldn’t look distinguished, I’d look aged.  Let’s face it, men age better.  Women are smarter, but men age better.  Yes there are those rare anomalies, like my sister who still gets carded for alcohol.

So, I woke up a few days ago and noticed I have a total of 5 gray hairs.  Three gray hairs on my head, one in my eyebrow and one in my pubes.  Is it offensive if I say pubes?  Sorry, but it is offensive that I saw a gray hair.  I know nobody talks about the so called “other” gray hairs.  I guess we are all supposed to be keeping this private because its our privates.  Well, no more.  I want all 20 year olds to know, this will happen.  Your privates will turn geriatric too.

The funniest part about discovering my gray hair.  My dear friend called and I asked her, “do you have any gray hairs?”  She told me of course she did.  Then I asked, “In your pubes?”  She laughed, paused , then told me YES, my husband and I both do.  As we both laughed, I realized, now I know why nobody talks about their “private” gray hairs.  Because nobody wants the visual.  Sorry for the visual.  I’ll never talk about this again.

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