The purple monster

So I did it.  I made Maggie’s purple monster costume for Halloween.  She loved it.  It is one of my proudest achievements as a mom.  Okay it is my proudest creative crafty achievement.  I designed the costume and made it so she would want to wear it and also be able to play in it.  In making this costume, a competitive spirit arose from within and all I could think about was my sister and all of the awesome stuff she has done for her girls.  So, of course, like most of my childhood, my competitive nature towards my sister pushed me through this process.  I could go on and on about how many times I stabbed my fingers while handsewing the horns onto the shoulders or how I burned myself with the iron just to make the yellow tummy stay on or how I superglued my fingers together while adding the googly eyes to her headpiece.

Seriously though, I’m excited to be competing with my sister again.  If you knew Lynn and I growing up, we were besties that would fight and compete.  Lynn was older, bigger and stronger than me.  I was feistier and scrappier, mainly because they were my only choices.  So it’s nice to know that even though we are states apart and our girls are years apart, I still have the drive to kick her booty.  So the gauntlet has been thrown.  Next year the official Halloween costume competition is on.  I’ve already started planning.  The rules are, there are no rules.  Okay, maybe one rule…family themed costumes.

So thank you Lynn for driving me to compete with you, even when you don’t know you are doing it.



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