Hipster thieves

I have to admit mornings are my favorite at our house.  Everyday is similar, we run like a well oiled machine.  AJ makes breakfast and plays with Maggie while I walk Gilmore.  We get to all see each other and laugh together before AJ goes off to work and Maggie and I start our day.  I absolutely love mornings.

So imagine my surprise when I go out to my car with Maggie and see there are tampons, receipts and stuff all over the place….someone broke into my car.  As I look around to see what they took, everything that is of any real value is still in the car.  The carseat and jogger stroller are both still in the car, which easily could have been sold for around $400 used.  So what did they take?  Oh, my “on the go” make up bag, my vintage coin purse and my Bear Gryllis small knife.  I know it doesn’t sound like anything, and they can all be replaced…kinda.  Yes, I’m upset about the coin purse because it was a purse I got from my Grandma’s house and I loved having it to remind me of her.  I’m annoyed about the makeup because it was probably $100 worth of used make up that I now have to replace.  Lastly, I can’t believe they stole my knife.  I only had the knife in my car so if for some horrible reason, my car flipped over and I could unlock Maggie’s seatbelt, I’d be able to cut her out.  Sounds crazy but its just a little piece of mind for me.

So I called AJ and told him and he can’t believe it, then looks around his car and it was broken into as well.  They stole his car registration and his suspenders.  Knowing this, I can now honestly tell you exactly who the perpetrator was.  As the evidence clearly states, there is a hipster Bonnie and Clyde on the loose in the Studio City hills.  Seriously, who steals suspenders, a vintage coin purse, make up, a small hunting knife and a registration card.  Even worse, they stole AJ’s registration card, which means they are trying to steal his identity.  So if you see a hipster couple running around preparing for an earthquake, telling bad jokes,  and pretending to be AJ, well call 911 because they are too dumb to be criminals.

Oe more thing…they stole all of the recycle bags from both cars.  At least their ecofriendly criminals.

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