Krav Maga or Jiu Jitsu?

Lately, I’ve been contemplating taking a self defense class.  I’m pretty sure the impetus is my motherly instinct to protect my daughter.  In any case..there are two questions lingering in my head.  First, is it normal for me to want to take a class to learn how to fight?  Secondly, do I want to kick ass like a Brazilian (Jiu Jitsu) or an Israeli soldier(Krav Maga)?  These are tough decisions.

In my fight class research I discovered something amazing.  There are kids classes.  I’m pretty torn about this.  Of course, I want Maggie to know how to defend herself, but what if I enroll her and she becomes a lethal fighting machine.  I’m sure this is not the case for my adorable little girl, but it could happen.  I think instead of registering her for street fighting when she is four years old, I’m going to put her in dance classes.  When she goes to highschool, I’ll make her take self defense, but in the mean time this mom will be doing all of the street fighting in this house.  I’m pretty sure my husband agrees, that it’ll be all me.

So decisions, decisions.  Have you ever taken a self defense class?

I’m leaning towards Krav Maga, but Jiu Jitsu is tempting.

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