Uh oh…where’s my funny?

It seems like I lost my funny somewhere.  I just looked back at the last five blogs that I posted and they seem a little crafty and maybe a little boring.  I’d like to apologize.  I’ll try to be less amazingly crafty and more caustically funny.

So to help you get through this week until I can blog again, here are some interesting and maybe funny things that have happened in the past few weeks.

1.  Cried telling a story about my plane ride back from TX to my BFFs Leslie and Steph while they looked at me amazed.  Steph ignores me crying while Leslie tells me to stop.  Eric (Leslie’s husband) gives me a sympathy hug.  He’s french, I think he was confused.

2.  Maggie pooped in her swim diaper while in a swimming pool, we didn’t know and AJ threw her up in the air for fun and poop sprayed up her back and into the pool.  Obviously, fun for all of us swimming.

3.  I yelled at AJ to clean the pool with a cup (no pool skimmer available), so he dives in and tries to pick the poop out piece by piece. (Not my best moment and clearly not his)

4.  On our drive back from Napa, I tell AJ I would prefer to drive at the beginning of the 7 hour trip because I’m going to be too tired after midnight.  He tells me he doesn’t need me to drive.  At 12:30am, AJ wakes me up and asks me to drive the last hour and a half.  As I drive, he falls asleep and I am fuming mad, which keeps me awake.  By the time we get home, I’ve been fuming for 2 hours and AJ just looks at me and says.  I love you, this was a perfect weekend.  I feel like an ass.

5.  I try to explain comedic timing to Maggie…so she throws a ball at my face.  Things are looking good for her career in mediocre comedy.  YAY!

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